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samsung refrigerator

Samsung 700 L Inverter Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (RS72R5001M9TL, Gentle Silver Matt, SpaceMax Technology)


side by side refrigerator

LG 687 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(GC-B247SLUV)


lg refrigerator


panasonic side by side refrigerator


samsung side by side refrigerator

Samsung 674L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator


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BPL 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(BRS564H, Silver)


On this site we made some great choices on a particular type of refrigerator and also today, we are making some best picks on the best side by side refrigerator in India.

Definitely, you are here because you want to spend money on the large and better refrigerator for your more prominent family.

Buying a side-by-side fridge is a symbol of luxury in India.

The sleek appearance, stainless steel finish, multitude of features and sophisticated technology make it a preferred choice among the higher-class folks, while the spaciousness of a side-by-side refrigerator makes it a favorite among Indian joint families.

And also nowadays side by side refrigerators are coming to the latest technology to keep food fresh for a longer time.
And there are so many brands in India are launching competitive products on competitive prices.
So choosing a great deal for your family is always been a
That why we are here to get your money more value and make your choice for best side by side refrigerator.

But before buying a refrigerator, you need to identify your needs what types of terms you want to include in a refrigerator which types feature you wish to include in your refrigerator

So we make quick notes on how to select the best side by side fridges, which will lead you for your great choice.

Top 7 Best Side by Side Fridge in India 2020 

But now, let's take a look at how to choose a decent best fridge.

There are many aspects that should be a concern before buying a refrigerator.

Following, We mentioned some Terms, so you make the best choice.

How to Select a Best Side by Side Refrigerator or fridge?

​Capacity :

The very first step in regards to deciding on a refrigerator is obviously its capacity. It depends on a vast stretch to the household size and your consumption habits. The general guideline is that-

A mentor or family with 1-2 members will need a fridge with a capacity of fewer than 200 liters;
Little households with 3-4 members will need a refrigerator of size 200-350 L;
Larger homes with more than five members will need a refrigerator of dimensions 400L and above.

Dimensions :

Dimension is an essential element that has to be taken care of while purchasing a refrigerator, particularly for modular kitchen.


 Many refrigerators have a regular compressor that runs at a set speed during the functioning period. Fridges with inverter compressor run on varying rates, which increases cooling when a reduction of cooling is detected by the system. Read more about Best double door refrigerator in india in our purchasing guide.

Energy Rating :

           You would have observed the energy evaluations of different refrigerators. Higher the score, lower the energy consumption. Back in India, the BEE rating is awarded only for single and double door refrigerators. Side-by-side refrigerators, triple door refrigerators, and French door refrigerators do not have BEE score. 

For the comprehensive review, read our following Full guide on how to buy a decent refrigerator for you.


Now enough talk, let's roll through our top 7 list for the Best Side by Side Refrigerator.

  Caution :

All products are bestseller and has excellent reviews on amazon so stocks are limited

!!! So hurry up to buy !!!

top 7 Best Side by Side refrigerator in india.

haier side by side refrigerator

       With 565 L gross power, Haier 618 SS Refrigerator is really spacious yet one of the most affordable refrigerators in the segment. The refrigerator has a capacity of 347 L, whilst the Freezer has a capacity of 218 L-shaped, making it apt for reasonably large families. Being only 65 cm deep, it matches the most modular kitchen too.

Its pretty energy efficient also, consuming just 0.98 units of electricity per day.
Featuring a reciprocatory compressor, the temperature of the refrigerator can be corrected using the one-touch LED panel located on the outside of the fridge door.

It also features Holiday Function, where the Freezer works as usual, but the refrigerator preserves only 17 degrees Celsius so as to absorb less energy without generating any bad odor.

You can even trigger its fuzzy perception whereby the refrigerator and Freezer correct the inner temperature in accordance with the external climate.
Other attributes include-

This is the best refrigerator in India if you don’t look at the pricing bracket.

Five tempered glass shelves per door, seven doorway shelves, separate fruit and vegetable box;
Open door alarm that rings if the door is kept open for more than 1 minute;

90-degree contour door that makes it easy to extract vegetable and fruit baskets.
Total, there are barely any complaints regarding the product except occasional complaints about dents in the merchandise while shipping.

LG side by side refrigerator

    Featuring inverter linear compressor with the multi-air flow from several vents, the refrigerator keeps food fresher for extended and conserves up to 32% energy also makes 25% less noise. The five multi-digital sensors monitor external temperature and adjust the internal temperature accordingly.
It also features express Freezer that begins at the touch of a button and, like all latest LG appliances, attributes Smart Diagnosis System whereby the device directly communicates with the service agent through the customer support range, thus detecting problems on its own, saving time and making fixes faster.
Other features include

Four tempered glass shelves, 3-door jar, one dairy corner, one fresh zone, two vegetable boxes with wet equilibrium crisper, deodorizer, and egg lender.
The Freezer has an LED lamp and contains a 4-door basket, 4-tempered glass shelf, and two drawers. and LG provide more value in terms of features and benefits, so we also can say LG provides best LG side by side refrigerator in india.

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bosch side by side refrigerator

The cost of Bosch side by side refrigerators is a little on the side. However, when you think about the advanced characteristics, durability and performance of Bosch appliances, it's well worth the money.

The Bosch 655 L KAN92LB35I refrigerator has rather sizable capacity with elastic spaces. Along with the shelves being height flexible , three of these have extension railing systems which makes it effortless to pull the tray out . The fridge absorbs about 640 units of power yearly --that is a bit on the higher end within this segment.

Utilizing the outside LED touch panel, then you can correct the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer, elect for super cool and super freezing for fast frightening of drinks and speedy ice creating respectively. Additionally, you may even set the style of the fridge to ecofresh and vacation . There's also choice to switch the alarm off and disarm the kid lock.

Speaking about the core of the fridge, its own compressor, Bosch utilizes electronic ignition compressor that corrects the cooling based on outside load and temperature. Along with conserving electricity and minimizing sound, this compressor together with the multi-air flow method helps preserve a continuous temperature in most pockets.

The existence of airfresh filter and separate temperature controls for fridge and freezer helps to ensure you don't need to fret about odour mix-up or inability to keep proper temperature for particular generates. The beef box along with vegetable box includes Vitafresh plus attribute , which basically includes a slider mechanism to correct the humidity and the temperature is put very low to keep the freshness and nourishment and so extend the lifetime of this new generates up to two times more.

Now, talking about the interiors, the refrigerator and freezer have LED lighting that ensures every nook and corner is lit. The freezer comprises twist ice box and two enclosed boxes for maintaining fish and meat without having to be concerned about odour mixing or cross-contamination.

All in all, the appliance is a delight with capabilities. However, thinking about the cost, you can't but notice the lack of an in-built water/ice dispenser. Additionally, the refrigerator has an alarm system to alert in case of prolonged opening of doorways which might affect the performance.

It also has adjustable front feet for superior stability and to decrease chances of rocking due to uneven floor surface. It also includes 4 wheels to help with easy positioning and handling. The heating of the freezer was created in this way to reduce humidity and thus prevent frost formation.

samsung side by side refrigerator

As mentioned before, the fridge has greatest in class refrigerator to deep freezer ratio with refrigerator having a gross capability of 347L and freezer 218L. That makes it possible for people who don't utilize freezer and joint households.

Now, let's have a look at layout, the functionality and features.

The refrigerator has two big vegetable box along with the freezer has two enclosed space for maintaining meat and fish without the fear of cross-contamination. The height adjustable tempered glass shelves create the storage area additional flexible, providing you with enough space to maintain tall utensils.

The fridge employs twin ion compressor which produces minimal sound and aids conserve energy by approximately 20 percent -- henceit utilizes less that 1 unit of power daily. Utilizing the LED screen, you can correct the internal temperature of this refrigerator and freezer in addition to per your desire or leave it into the fuzzy logic based on the ambient temperature and load.

Haier HRF 618SS is one of those finest budget friendly side by side refrigerators readily available on the industry today at a cost of about Rs. 50,000/With 90 level retractable doors, greatest in category refrigerator to freezer ratio, slender body and higher energy efficiency, it's essential characteristics that makes it a fantastic selection for a large family with 6+ associates.

Layout wise, the fridge is merely apt to get a modular kitchen. Its thickness is about 65cm along with also the elegant brushed finish gives a contemporary look to it. By opening the doors Because there are shelves in the elevation of vegetable box, you are able to pull them out.
The fridge is available in both black and silver colour.

bpl side by side refrigerator

BPL BRS564H is still another budget-friendly side-by-side fridge which includes a cost of approximately Rs. 50k. Its attributes are fundamental, the performances are decent do not expect it to be in precisely

the exact same amount as a end LG or Samsung side.The fridge includes a gross power of 564L plus a a net capacity of 514 L, together with the refrigerator having 337L capability and freezer with 177L capacity.

The multi-air flow method helps guarantee pretty great cooling through the pockets. Utilizing the LED touch panel, it is possible to separately control the warmth of refrigerator and freezer in addition to set up the fast cool and fast freeze operate . 

The refrigerator temperature could be adjusted out of 0 to4 level Celsius, whereas the freezer can be corrected up to -18 degree Celsius. Layout wise, the fridge space is reasonably well organized with important part being dedicated to the refrigerator --which makes it apt for average Indian household which don't use a good deal of freezer space.

Because there are shelves towards the floor, you are able to pull the meat and vegetable boxes out by opening up the doorways. The refrigerator does not have a door alert is a drawback however. Additionally, the after-sale support and setup promptness is likewise not up-to anticipation.

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6) Panasonic 582 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

panasonic side by side refrigerator

The weather in summer is such your ice creams begin to melt as you bring them home from the parlour throughout the street.With the Panasonic refrigerator in your home, you need not worry. Put your ice creams in the freezer for a few minutes.

The Quick Freeze mode helps to ensure your ice creams solidify within no time. Below are a few of this refrigerator for your characteristics.Quick Freeze Mode -- The Quick Freeze manner goes one step farther in reducing the internal temperature of the freezer compartment to -18 degrees Centigrade within no time.

Therefore, your ice creams go not drip all over the area. So that you never feel short of these through your celebrations and 17, make ice cubes immediately. As the toughened glass shelves may tolerate the weight It's possible to keep huge containers easily. You can also adjust the height of the shelves based on the size of these vessels.

LED Lighting -- Seeking for the elusive buttermilk package at the dead of night is not a problem whatsoever since the refrigerator has a powerful LED lighting system within the compartment. Ice Triple Tray Twist -- there's no need to remove the ice tray in the freezer to carry out the ice cubes. You can twist the ice tray, and your ice cubes fall in the container placed to accumulate them. The nature of the ice tray allows you to place it everywhere inside the freezer. Verdict: The fridge is an ideal one for households with more than 5 members. Because of the rapid cooling it supplies it is perfect. Purchase it from online retail shops such as Flipkart to get discounts.

7) Samsung 674L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

samsung side by side refrigerator

Samsung has never failed to satisfy its customers with its amazing products power packed with great performance. Samsung 674L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator offers great features which will align with your requirements very well. This great product will add charm and beauty to your kitchen decor as well.

The shelves is built on rolling hinges, which is pulled out with minimal simplicity, so the things stored in the back are easily accessed by you along with your own food items could be arranged efficiently. Twist

Ice Dispenser -- You can easily dispense your ice cubes with only a twist. It has freezer area which makes sure that your ice cubes will be produced fast. You can produce more ice cubes in less time. Twin Cooling System -- This unit is equipped with dual cooling system that uses two separate air flows and exact temperature control to maintain optimal humidity levels on the refrigerator and freezer . Multi-

Flow -- It's a multi-flow that works on every level with little vents over each shelf to keep a uniform temperature throughout the fridge, especially after you start your door. At the same time, keeps your food fresh for a very long time by warming each part of every compartment.

Big Door Bin -- It has a big door bin, so you can save huge containers of milk and juice at the doorway, together with two rows of drink cans and bottles. This big door is ideal for drinks bottles that are tall that are frightening.

Outside LED Display and Control -- It has an external LED display with a blue glow that shows the interior temperatures for either side of the new H series fridge and tells you when to change the filters. Twist the screen to place the refrigerator, or to dispense ice and water.

The CoolSelect Zone, fridge-within-a-fridge feature, offers intuitive controls that allow you to change settings. It's equipped with high efficacy and long-lasting LED lighting that's slimmer, brighter and more power-efficient than traditional lighting. It is located on the side of the refrigerator which illuminates every corner of the inside, so it is simpler to find your food items. 

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Conclusion :

So i hope your research for best side by side refrigerator ends here we also mentioned our review on best single door and double door refrigerator india you also checkout if you intrested.          

 We know refrigerators are an important a part of your home. And we want you to spend your money wisely. If correctly done, you would possibly save tons of cash while checking out the best side by side refrigerator in India.

You might got to inspect the refrigerators from offline vendors before you complete your purchase. And then consider buying them online depending upon the price. Each refrigerator listed has its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect completely. Thus this list is well-curated.

I hope this article helps you to find the best side by side refrigerator in India. We considered all the possibilities of any ordinary Indian consumer. If you still have questions, we can answer them down below.

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