20 Foods You Should Never Store In A Fridge

20 Foods You Should Never Store In A Fridge

We all know that refrigerator is an essential appliance in today's life. When it comes to keeping your food fresh for a longer time. In India, we store many things in the fridge such as vegetables, fruits, biryani, nan, and paratha fridge is always there to save your food for the next day. It protects foods from bacteria, which can cause your food to be Spoilt. And save your time to cook the next day. Almost all the fruits and vegetables are stored in the fridge for keeping fresh.

But you know some food also exists which can spoil storing in the Refrigerator.
You know what they are?
Let's Go through the list.

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Foods That you should Never Store in Fridge

1) Potatoes

Never store a potato in the fridge because first starch in potato becomes sugar by the reaction in the refrigerator and also it loses the actual taste of potato.

2) Bananas

Bananas are also a wrong choice to store in the fridge. The best taste occurs in bananas stored in warm places. ripen banana is always better than green ones.

3) Onions

Storing onion in the fridge may create fungus and make onion softer.

4) Honey

Honey becomes thick in the refrigerator. which may result hard to use in your daily recipes

5) Melons & Watermelons

Melon and watermelon are heavy, and storing directly in the fridge may occupy more space. But if you cut it and store its pieces which would be a great choice when eating at noon.

6) Citrus fruits 

Citrus fruits are also the exception to store in the fridge. It becomes tasteless in store for a long time. Also, the outer skin changes colour or creates some spots on it.

7) Avocado

Best way to enjoy avocado, which is smoothly ripened. And stored in a cool place makes slower this process of ripening, and you might not have that good time.

8) Pears

Pears is also a fruit that provides a high amount of nutritional values. Pears are most effective when they ripe. And stored in the fridge may slow down the process of ripening.

9) Olive oil or Cooking Oil

Olive oil becomes hard and very difficult to use as honey.

10) Garlic

Putting garlic in the refrigerator loses its benefits and taste. The garlic leaves become softer.so store garlic always in room temperature

11) Coffee beans or Coffee Powder

Coffee beans an exception for the refrigerator. Storing the coffee bag in the refrigerator spoils the taste. Frozen coffee beans lose their actual aroma and flavour.

12) Tomatoes

Don't buy tomato too much amount because fresh tomato always make a difference in recipes. A cold storage may ruin the taste.

13) Basil Leaves

Basil leaves make your food decorative and good in terms of presentation. Putting it in the refrigerator firstly absorbs smell from other items and also fades its actual aroma.

14) Pickled Vegetables

Before the invention of the refrigerator pickled vegetable process used to keep food edible for a long time. It kills germs in food by fermentation and keeps food fresh for a long time.And there is no point to store this food in a refrigerator. It just lowers the temperature of food.

15) Chocolates

I know we like cold chocolate, but over time it loses its taste

16) Apples

Apple perfectly survives two weeks at room temperature.  But storing in cold environment ruin the taste of apple

17) Cheese

Storing cheese in the fridge is also not a good option firstly it becomes so much hard and absorbs the smell of other items from the refrigerator. We can store it at room temperature.

18) Bread

Everyone likes fluffy and soft bread. But storing in refrigerator bread becomes hard and loses its softness.

19) Ketchup & Mustard

Ketchup in built has the acids to fight germs and microbes. Storing them in fridge is unnecessary they perfectly goes over a month after opening them. And also in the fridge, not a problem.

20) Carrot

Don't store carrots in the fridge because it's rotten even faster in the colder environment. It's also sensitive to sunlight which may fast the process of rotting.

Don’t ignore that list and keep your food fresh with or without a fridge.

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Wrap Up

I hope 20 Foods You Should Never Store In A Fridge articled helped you to find which is foods can spoilt storing in refrigerator and which foods are important to store in fridge.

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