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double door refrigerator

Lastly, on our site, We make our top 15 list on the best refrigerator in India.

       In this article, we are checking out some best selling Double Door Refrigerator in India.

       You all know how hot is summer in India right now. Its almost like a desert.
       and its always a pleasure to take a sip of chilled water from the fridge.

      But before buying a refrigerator, you should take care of things which is best for you.  And           which are things you should concern before buying a refrigerator for your family.

Thats why we are here to present you with 7 of the best Double door refrigerator from the best platform.

But now, let's take a look at how to choose a decent best fridge.

There are many aspects that should be a concern before buying a refrigerator.

Following, We mentioned some Terms, so you make the best choice.

How to Select a Best Double Door Refrigerator?

Capacity :

Obviously capacity is an important factor defining refrigerator after all the categories of refrigerator we can say are based on the capacity of the refrigerator.
So the question absolutely right that before buying a refrigerator you should clear about your family's needs and how big is your family.

If you are a bachelor or small family you can go with a single door refrigerator its enough for 2 to 3 members. but you have a big family then you can obviously go with bigger ones.
you can check out our articles on the best double door refrigerators in India and the best french door refrigerator in India on this website on the homepage.

Dimensions :

dimensions are also you should concern about. It totally depends on your need that what type of kitchen environment you have how much space you spend on a refrigerator. and how you manage your kitchen appliances to get a better picture.
if you go with a typical double door refrigerator then its easy to manage and does not take that much space but if you go with french door and side by side refrigerator then obviously you need more space.

Type Of Refrigerators :

There are mainly 4 types of refrigerator 

1 single door refrigerator
2 double door refrigerator
3 french door refrigerator
4 side by side refrigerator

and they are totally dependant on your needs

Single door refrigerator
if you ask about a single door then they are suitable for bachelors and small families.

Double door refrigerator
double doors refrigerator is the most selling refrigerator in India because usually, it completes all needs from most of the families.

Side by Side refrigerator
side by side refrigerators is a symbol of luxury in India. most of the people do not afford these huge refrigerators. It usually costs double or triple than the average refrigerator.

French door refrigerator
french door refrigerator is the new term in India. here no one likes this type of design in India french door usually comes in three shelves. two vegetables and a food compartment and the other one is a freezer which is below these shelves. and not everyone fan of french door refrigerators in India.

Double Door Refrigerators :

As described this type of refrigerator has two doors. one for the freezer and another for your daily foods.
It has generally has a capacity of around 200L to 650L. And these are most selling refrigerators in India. Double door refrigerators are generally cost-effective and have suitable dimensions for most of the users.

Nowadays this type of refrigerators is coming with new technologies and innovation so everyone would love to invest in double door refrigerators.

But also my recommendation is totally depends on your choice. For bigger family, it's not that effective in terms of storage and space, and also mostly bachelors are going with single door refrigerators.


a compressor is like a heart of refrigerators all the cooling effect and working are made through compressors. a compressor is a type of mechanical part which compresses the refrigerant (Tetrafluoroethane) due to this compressing process temperature goes below the 0 degree and these coils are circulated all over the fridge. and thus the refrigerator works

Read more about Compressor on wikipedia

Energy Rating :

Energy rating is most important in terms of defining the enery use of fridge. You would have observed the energy evaluations of different refrigerators. Higher the score, lower the energy consumption. Back in India, the BEE rating is awarded only for single and double door refrigerators. Side-by-side refrigerators, triple door refrigerators, and French door refrigerators do not have BEE score. 

For the comprehensive review, read our following Full guide on how to buy a decent refrigerator for you.

Now enough talk, let's roll through our top 7 list for the Best Double Door Refrigerator in India.

  Caution :

All products are bestseller and has excellent reviews on amazon so stocks are limited

!!! So hurry up to buy !!!

top 7 Best Double Door refrigerator in india

Double door fridge

Pro's & Cons


  • Brand Value
  • Dedicated refrigerator
  • Suitable for 4-5 people
  • Stunning steel body


  • 3-star rating
  • Sometimes, the control knob gets stuck, a one-off incident

Yes, it has a 3-star energy rating but also it takes more energy than other refrigerators which are coming in a 2-star energy rating.

But in terms of performance, the fridge is just a killer. and perfect for most of the families. Samsung takes too much care about its mid-range customer. with movable shelves, simple side shelves and glass shelves can easily hold 150 KG of weight.

It comes with all the basic feature which are necessary to Indian users. the cooling power of this fridge is relatively good which can give you cold water in just 30 to 35 minutes. The side shelves are very efficient in holding your daily food at an instance.

temperature knob of this fridge is in the center of the shelves which will difficult to use for some users when the fridge is fully occupied. and also it does not come with a locking system so it may become a drawback for some users.

Overall the fridge is very efficient and powerful for most Indian users and has decent reviews on all eCommerce portals.

Overall rating: 4.3/5 based on 122 customer reviews.

double door fridge

Pro's & Cons


  • Frost free multi-door
  • 4.1 rating on amazon
  • Acti-fresh technology


  • consumes more power

From the whirlpool refrigerator comes with the latest 6 sense technology of capacity of 240L.
This appliance has 3 doors with respective shelves.

this fridge comes around actifresh technology where the cold air revolves around the compartments which are made by the macroblock an anti-microbial additive. this type of technology is capable of

 killing germs bacteria within the compartment. and helps the appliances to maintain moisture.
which will highly effective when keeping foods vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time.
One more feature is that it also includes air boosters which ensure effective stable cooling.

but with the three doors, there is a problem when describing star rating BEE does not mention energy rating for refrigerators which have 3 or more doors hence you may notice that this fridge does not have ratings at all.

But that is not the case when saving energy. this fridge is quite efficient in terms of working and saving energy.

On the downside, this fridge does not have light in the freezer section. if you opened the door in the night room then it's difficult to find your food in the freezer. additionally don't overload freezer with lots of items that will cause moisture and may threaten fungal infection.

besides that, it has excellent reviews on eCommerce platforms.

Now the book is open it's your choice to go with or you can choose described below

Overall rating: 4.1/5 based on 192 customer testimonials.

indian refrigerator

Pro's & Cons


  • capacity 275 lTR
  • dedicated freezer
  • frost-free
  • Makes ice 31% faster


  • 3-star rating

When seeing first time the first thing comes around the mind stunning body which is highly durable and stylish. comes with excellent brand value Samsung.
talking about this model one of the best thing is it comes with a smart convertible feature that converts

 the freezer in the refrigerator means you can convert the freezer into the refrigerator if you run out of space and its the best things than overstuffing your fridge.
the temperature of the fridge and led are the connected with external controller which is located outside of the door.
This model has a gross capacity of 206L and the freezer has a capacity of 69 liters.

it comes with 3-star rating including a toughened glass shelf and bottle shelf.

when making ice it comes with power freeze technology which is 31% faster than normal technology. and refrigerator also makes instant cooling after turning the refrigerator on.

if the door is not closed for 1 minute then it rangs which is also a good feature.
it has dual fan technology which is efficient when controlling refrigerator and freezer at concurrently

Overall rating: 3.8/5 based on 12 customer reviews.

double door refrigerators

Pro's & Cons


  • Ideal for large families with 4 to 6 people
  • Large freezer to place things which are vertically hard to place
  • Active Deo to keep the longer freshness
  • Stabilizer-free operation


  • 3-Star Energy Star rating
  • Some sensor doesn’t work well over time

Now with a bigger family, there is always a problem with storage. The best thing about this fridge comes with 340 liters of capacity. which are perfect for a family of 3 to 4 members.
Whirlpool's IF 355 ELT is just one of the best in this Bracket.

The first thing you will notice with this fridge is its door-mounted led display panel. which will control your temperature and comes with a fast freezing configuration. it also has a door alarm that rings if you put the door open for 2 minutes.

Other segments include 6th sense intellifresh technology that amazingly observes room temperature and tweak self for better result.

It also comes with deep freeze technology which chills your water bottle and foods 40% faster than average.
helps to retain cooling for three times better.

If you hear a term like freshonizer which reduces the Oxidation of fruit, which helps to keep food fresh for a longer time.
talking about downside the fridge has a 3-star rating which is good but it would be better if 4 stars.

another is it doesn't have a lock for a refrigerator which many models lack in this segment.
on the eCommerce platform, there are a couple of complaints about installation and delivery. otherwise good reviews on amazon

Overall rating: 4.3/5 based on 67 customer reviews.


Pro's & Cons


  • capacity 320 lTR
  • frost-free
  • 4.2 rating on amazon
  • dedicated freezer


  • 3 star
  • don't have colour variety

If you compare the refrigerators apple-to-apple, this refrigerator from Haier definitely is among the most inexpensive option available. A noteworthy feature that makes it different from the other refrigerators is the easy accessibility it provides as the Freezer is in the bottom--making it among the best options for vegetarians and families with older members, who do not use Freezer extensively.

As the producers are mainly targeting vegetarian families with this refrigerator, they have produced the vegetable tray double the size in contrast to regular refrigerators--that really is a double-edged sword as improper storage could cause excessive humidity and thus result in rapid

spoilage of produce. However, in order to minimize such events, the refrigerator has a bigger cool pad, which can help keep cooling up to 10 hours in case of electricity failure.

It is also among the few fridges in this segment with child lock.
Other attributes include-
1-hour ice technologies that bring the warmth of the Freezer to -5 degree in 1 hour
360-degree airflow that provides uninterrupted cooling;
But one thing missing is that it doesn't have a light in the Freezer. Being located at the base, deficiency of light may make things difficult if the kitchen doesn't have sufficient lighting. There are occasional complaints about delivery and installation delays too.
Overall rating: 4.2/5 based on 54 customer reviews.

best fridge

Pro's & Cons


  • capacity 619 LTR
  • suitable for jointfamily
  • double door
  • Five tempered glass shelves per door


  • power consuming
  • little bit costly

       With 565 L gross power, Haier 618 SS Refrigerator is really spacious yet one of the most affordable refrigerators in the segment. The refrigerator has a capacity of 347 L, whilst the Freezer has a capacity of 218 L-shaped, making it apt for reasonably large families. Being only 65 cm deep, it matches the most modular kitchen too.

Its pretty energy efficient also, consuming just 0.98 units of electricity per day.
Featuring a reciprocatory compressor, the temperature of the refrigerator can be corrected using the one-touch LED panel located on the outside of the fridge door.

It also features Holiday Function, where the Freezer works as usual, but the refrigerator preserves only 17 degrees Celsius so as to absorb less energy without generating any bad odor.

You can even trigger its fuzzy perception whereby the refrigerator and Freezer correct the inner temperature in accordance with the external climate.
Other attributes include-

Five tempered glass shelves per door, seven doorway shelves, separate fruit and vegetable box;
Open door alarm that rings if the door is kept open for more than 1 minute;

90-degree contour door that makes it easy to extract vegetable and fruit baskets.
Total, there are barely any complaints regarding the product except occasional complaints about dents in the merchandise while shipping.

double door refrigerator

Pro's & Cons


  • Power Efficient
  • 4-Star Rating
  • Ice Beam Cooling Feature
  • Stabilizer free


  • Difficult To Adjust Large Utensils Inside
  • Small Egg Tray

With a four-star energy rating, LG offers the best in class energy efficiency for this refrigerator model.

Featuring multi airflow using multiple air vents throughout the refrigerator and ice beam cooling technologies that permeate air from the vent along the rear, the refrigerator is pretty quick at cooling not just the principal shelves, but also door shelves.

It also offers manual humidity control in the vegetable box that can help to reduce the moisture in the box and thus extend the life of fruits and vegetables.I

Apart from these minor complaints, it is among the best double door refrigerators for a little family.



Pro's & Cons


  • Suitable for joint family
  • side by side refrigerator
  • Satisfying space
  • Acti-fresh technology
  • 4 door basket


  • consumes more power

    Featuring inverter linear compressor with the multi-air flow from several vents, the refrigerator keeps food fresher for extended and conserves up to 32% energy also makes 25% less noise. The five multi-digital sensors monitor external temperature and adjust the internal temperature accordingly.
It also features express Freezer that begins at the touch of a button and, like all latest LG appliances, attributes Smart Diagnosis System whereby the device directly communicates with the service agent through the customer support range, thus detecting problems on its own, saving time and making fixes faster.
Other features include

Four tempered glass shelves, 3-door jar, one dairy corner, one fresh zone, two vegetable boxes with wet equilibrium crisper, deodorizer, and egg lender.
The Freezer has an LED lamp and contains a 4-door basket, 4-tempered glass shelf, and two drawers. This is the reason why we included it on our list of best refrigerator in India.

Why double door refrigerator are best?

Yes, its right double door refrigerator are best because in short, its has more space. It has a dedicated freezer. More space for your daily needs like vegetables, fruits, eggs, and so more. and most are double door refrigerator comes with new technology like frost-free technology and acti-fresh technology which are usually seen in double door refrigerator.

Conclusion :

           So I hope your look for the best double door refrigerator  ends here. We know refrigerators are an important a part of your home. And we want you to spend your money wisely. If correctly done, you would possibly save tons of cash while checking out the best double door refrigerator in India.

You might got to inspect the refrigerators from offline vendors before you complete your purchase. And then consider buying them online depending upon the price. Each refrigerator listed has its pros and cons. Nothing is perfect completely. Thus this list is well-curated.

I hope this article helps you to find the Refrigerator We considered all the possibilities of any ordinary Indian consumer. If you still have questions, we can answer them down below.

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